How does Worker’s Compensation Affect an Employee’s Personal Injury Lawsuit against his Employer?

by David Peel on December 5, 2013

How does Worker's Compensation Affect an Employee's Personal Injury Lawsuit against his Employer?Employers are required to purchase insurance that gives benefits to employees that are injured at work. This means that employees will get benefits no matter who was at fault. Employers like this because it offers them protection from lawsuits by injured employees. However, this protection from lawsuits is not always guaranteed. Even with worker’s compensation, an employee may be able to bring a lawsuit against his employer for damages.

Worker’s compensation laws only cover injuries that are work related. This means that an employee can recover for accidents, such as falling off of a ladder. It also means that employees can recover if they become sick due to certain chemicals that the employee uses on the job. Because of this, worker’s compensation covers a broad range of work-related injuries and can offer good protection to employers.

However, there are still some situations where an employer is not protected from lawsuits. If an employee is injured because the employer acted intentionally or recklessly, the employee may still be able to sue his employer. In these cases, it may be necessary for the employee to opt of of receiving worker’s compensation for his injury. In some of these cases, the employee may be able to recover damages from the employer. These damages can be actual damages, punitive damages, or pain and suffering.

Also, if an employer does not have worker’s compensation for an employee who is hurt on the job, the employee may still be able to sue the employer. If the employer was at fault, the employee may be able to recover the full amount of damages for his injury.

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