Risky business

by David Peel on July 5, 2013

Watching Nik Wallenda successfully walk across a tributary to the Grand Canyon was nerve racking. The danger of falling 1500 feet was so obvious that the posting of an EMT in the bottom of the canyon was mere window dressing.

While risks of death seem less obvious in more routine professions than wire walking at the height of the Empire State Building, you may be surprised what the list actually looks like.

The following 10 positions saw the most deaths in 2008:

1. Motor vehicle operators

Number of victims: 908

Most common manner of death: 66 were highway-related

2. Construction trades workers

Number of victims: 720

Most common manner of death: 37 were attributed to falls

3. Material moving workers

Number of victims: 24

Most common manner of death: 14 fall-related fatalities and 12 were struck by  objects

4. Law enforcement workers

Number of victims: 144

Most common manner of death: 38 were highway-related and 33 were Homicides

5. Agricultural workers

Number of victims: 33

Most common manner of death: 19 highway-related fatalities

6. Grounds maintenance workers

Number of victims: 128

Most common manner of death: 20 deaths each from falls and being struck by an object

7. Sales supervisors

Number of victims: 124

Most common manner of death: 52 homicides

8. Vehicle and mobile equipment mechanics, installers, repairers

Number of victims: 110

Most common manner of death: 30 were struck by objects

9. Supervisors, construction and extraction workers

Number of victims: 108

Most common manner of death: 24 fall-related deaths

10. Metal or plastic workers

Number of victims: 102

Most common manner of death: 15 from being struck by an object and 13 from falls

Work related deaths and injuries are unusually covered by workers compensation insurance, and injuries should be reported as soon as possible.  If a work related injury is caused by another party, such as a car crash in a company truck, there can also be a personal injury case.


Mr. Peel seeks justice for those injured in car accidents, work place incidents, medical malpractice, and nursing homes. He often addresses churches, clubs and groups without charge. Mr. Peel may be reached through wherein other articles may be accessed.

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