Recovering Damages for Pain and Suffering

by David Peel on February 6, 2014

Recovering Damages for Pain and SufferingRecovering damages for pain and suffering can be complicated. But, if you know how to prove your pain and suffering to an insurance company or a jury, you will be able to collect more money damages for it. It is important to know how to show pain and suffering in the most effective way.

When showing pain and suffering, it helps to show that you have been prescribed medication. If you have been prescribed medication, it helps to show if the medication prescribed was a strong medication and what the medication was prescribed for. For example, someone who is prescribed Percocet instead of being told to take Ibuprofen may be presumed to have had more pain and suffered more. It also helps to show how long you were on the medication.

It also helps to show how long you suffered and were in pain because of your injury. The easiest way to do this is to show your medical records. Any time you go to the doctor, the doctor makes a note in your record about why you were there and what the problem was. So, if your injury is not getting better or you continue to have problems, you should go to the doctor to make sure that a note gets added to your medical record. These notes help you show that the pain and suffering were prolonged and that it did not just go away after a few days.

If you have an issue doing your daily activities, you should keep track of what you cannot do because of your injuries. So, if you can no longer go to work, you should write that down. If you used to play a sport but you can no longer do it, you should write that down. Write down every part of your life that has been affected because of your injury.

Also, if you have an injury that can be seen, you should take pictures of it on a regular basis. On each picture be sure to write the date you took it. This will help to show how the injury was healing and how long you had to deal with it. The longer you had the injury, the more you may recover for pain and suffering.

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