Product Liability Claims for Pharmaceutical Drugs

by David Peel on February 22, 2014

Product Liability Claims for Pharmaceutical DrugsPharmaceutical drugs are meant to help people. But, sometimes a person is injured by a pharmaceutical drug that they were using. When this happens, the injured person may have a product liability claim. Because of this, it is important to know the different ways an injured person can bring a product liability claim. It is also important for the injured person to know who he can bring these claims against.

A product liability claim can be brought for defectively manufactured pharmaceutical drugs. In these cases, the injured party is claiming that the pharmaceutical drugs were improperly manufactured. An injured party can bring a claim for any mistake that happens between the factory and where the injured party buys the pharmaceutical drug.

Product liability claims can also be brought because of pharmaceutical drugs with dangerous side effects. Here, the injured person is claiming that the defendant knew or should have known about the dangerous side effects. The injured person is arguing that the pharmaceutical drug should not have been put on the market or should have been pulled off the market once the manufacturer learned about the dangerous side effects.

And, a product liability claim can be brought for pharmaceutical drugs that were improperly marketed. This deals with claims for failure to warn or for inadequate warnings. These claims can also deal with bad advice about safe and appropriate uses of the pharmaceutical drug.

It is also important to know who an injured person can bring these product liability claims against. They can be brought against the manufacturer of the pharmaceutical drug or the laboratory who tests the pharmaceutical drug. Claims can also be brought against a pharmaceutical sales representative who sells the pharmaceutical drug and makes recommendations to doctors about how to use it. And, an injured person can bring these claims against doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies. Anyone who is in the chain of distribution of the pharmaceutical drug can have a claim filed against him.

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