What if I am a Passenger who is Injured in a Car Accident?

by David Peel on November 19, 2013

What if I am a Passenger who is Injured in a Car Accident?Passengers who are injured in a car accident may not understand that they have rights and can recover for their injuries. It is important for passengers to know what their rights are and who claims for injuries can be filed against.

An injured passenger should file a claim under the insurance of the owner of the car the passenger was in. This is important if the car the passenger was in was the only car involved in the accident. However, even if there were two or more cars involved in the accident, the passenger should take this step. If the owner of the other vehicle does not have insurance or does not have enough coverage to cover the injuries, the remaining amount may be able to be recovered under this claim.

An injured passenger should also file a claim under the insurance of the owner of any other vehicle involved in the accident. Sometimes this will be just one other vehicle. However, it is possible that more than one other car was involved in the accident. The passenger should be sure to get the insurance information for all of the owners of all of the other cars involved.

It is important for the passenger to understand that he will not be able to recover any more than the total amount of his injuries under these claims. Therefore, filing claims under the insurance of all of the owners of all the cars does not mean the passenger will receive more money. It helps an injured passenger get the money for the injuries he sustained.

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