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Historic Medical Malpractice Verdict

August 29, 2013

Weakley County attorney Roy Herron and Nashville attorneys Randy Kinnard and Mary Ellen Morris have achieved something no one else can recall ever having been done in Dresden, Tennessee: Winning a medical malpractice verdict. And what a verdict it was: a record $15.2 million! If you believe everything that you hear, you might assume this [...]

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Millington, Tennessee Christian Injury Attorney David B. Peel Announces 2013 Recipient of Tricia M. Peel Scholarship Fund

August 28, 2013

Memphis, TN, August 24, 2013 –(– Christian personal injury attorney David B. Peel of Millington, Tennessee, is pleased to announce that Lydia Ruth Kearcher of Collierville is this year’s $7,500 recipient of the Tricia M. Peel Scholarship Fund. Mr. Peel created the Tricia M. Peel Scholarship Fund in 2002 with the Bellevue Foundation to honor [...]

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Day Care Supervision

Daycare Centers Need Supervision

August 27, 2013

I recently filed a case against a local Memphis daycare center alleging it failed to provide adequate supervision and staffing during spring break when several children were in their care. Holidays can mean special challenges for them. Though the daycare center disputes all the allegations, we alleged that a three-year-old child broke his femur as [...]

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Car Accidents and Insurance

July 31, 2013

On average, you will have some type of car accident once per decade. As an injury lawyer, I see the most serious car accidents. Many, if not most car accidents are minor. Most are so-called “fender benders.”  In these less serious accidents, such a bump in parking lot without any visible damage, it will be [...]

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Staying Safer in a Broken World

July 17, 2013

As a Christian and an injury lawyer, I see the effects everyday of this broken world that the Bible variously characterizes as “corrupt” and “under a curse.” I was confronted recently with a surprising new example of how the corrupt world is changing our lives.  I was visiting someone in Germantown, one of our most [...]

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Plane Crashes

July 15, 2013

When any event happens with a plane, the company is generally liable for the injuries and deaths that occur. The recent San Francisco crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 killed few of the 307 onboard. Still, many fear flying. That is understandable. Archie Bunker, the fictional grouchy father, on the old TV show “All in [...]

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Risky business

July 5, 2013

Watching Nik Wallenda successfully walk across a tributary to the Grand Canyon was nerve racking. The danger of falling 1500 feet was so obvious that the posting of an EMT in the bottom of the canyon was mere window dressing. While risks of death seem less obvious in more routine professions than wire walking at [...]

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Accidents in National Parks

July 3, 2013

As an injury lawyer, the way people are injured or killed is strangely interesting to me. As I write this I am traveling through multiple national parks in the western United States with my family, which has been a dream of ours for many years. If you asked most visitors to national parks what they [...]

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Funny Testimonial

July 1, 2013

As an injury lawyer, I have heard (and even asked) some dumb questions.  The problem with testimony is that everything is being written down, word for word.  You cannot escape the words. The other day, a lawyer deposing my client asked if “she remembered losing consciousness following the accident?”  Not surprisingly, she did not.  Another [...]

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Laws Lag Behind Technology

June 29, 2013

As an injury lawyer, I rely on laws that change relatively slowly over time. After all, injury law itself can be traced all the way back to the Biblical book of Deuteronomy! But the current news stories about emerging technology are far out-pacing the ability of the law to keep up. Anyone can look up [...]

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