Nursing Home Liability to Families

by David Peel on January 25, 2014

Nursing Home Liability to FamiliesIf you have a family member in a nursing home, you may be wondering whether nursing homes have a duty to the resident’s family. Nursing homes owe families a duty to take care of the residents. However, it is important for families to know when nursing homes have not taken care of a resident the way it should and when the family can take action against the nursing home.

Nursing homes owe families a reasonable duty of car for the resident. This means that a nursing home is supported to help maintain the resident’s way of life while taking care of them. This means that a nursing home will be liable and a family may be able to bring suit against the nursing home if it neglects a resident. Neglect could mean not taking care of a resident or failing to help a resident who needs help eating.

Nursing homes may also be liable to families for abuse of a resident. This could occur when an employee leaves the resident in an area with no means of escape. It could also occur when a nursing home employee threatens the resident.

Family members may also be able to recover for wrongful death of a resident. In Tennessee, for a family member to bring a wrongful death action against a nursing home, the resident’s death needs to have been caused by a wrongful act, fault, or omission of the nursing home. This could mean that the nursing home neglected the resident or abused the resident in some way that caused the resident’s death.

If a nursing home is found liable for the wrongful death and the family is allowed to recover, the family could recover several types of damages. The family may be able to recover for the mental and physical suffering that they have endured as a result of the wrongful death. The family may also be able to recover for expenses the deceased resident had to spend on injuries caused by the nursing home.

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