Liability for Wrongful Death and Property Damage When Driving Under the Influence

by David Peel on February 27, 2014

Liability for Wrongful Death and Property Damage When Driving Under the InfluenceAutomobile accidents occur all the time. However, sometimes an automobile accident is not really an accident. It is these instances that remind us how devastating a weapon an automobile can be, and the tragedies that can happen because of one person’s actions.

Every day, people are hit and killed by negligent drivers, leaving families to unexpectedly cope with a sudden death all because of the actions of one person. In these cases, families will often sue the driver for wrongful death to recover damages, but cannot bring back their loved one.

As for people who are hit, but not killed, they often have extensive rehabilitation to learn to walk, talk, and function again. Unanticipated medical bills, lost wages, inability to earn, pain and suffering all occur to innocents because a driver was negligent. But, it is even more maddening and unjust when the driver was under the influence. While drunk drivers are arrested for a crime and charged criminally, the person can still be liable in civil court for injuries inflicted while under the influence.

A smaller part of the tragedy is property losses. Damaging other people’s property can lead to claims for the damage caused to their cars. Nowadays, there are vehicles on the road that cost $75,000 or more and Tennessee minimum limits required in insurance will not come close to paying that.

While the award of money will not make everything right, it gives the injured or grieving survivors the freedom they need to endure their losses in the way that gives them the most comfort. Whether it be getting out of debt, taking a trip with the family, or moving to a safer area.

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