Liability for Motorcycle Accidents

by David Peel on February 13, 2014

Liability for Motorcycle AccidentsRiding a motorcycle is riskier than riding in a car. And, motorcycles are more likely to result in serious injuries because the motorcyclist is less protected from dangers. Because of this, for a motorcyclist to recover for his injuries, he needs to prove negligence.

Drivers on the road have a duty to other drivers to be reasonably careful. In order for a motorcyclist to recover damages for his injuries from an accident, he needs to show that the driver was not reasonably careful. This could mean that the defendant was speeding, ran a red light, etc. Or, it could mean that the defendant did not check before changing lanes or did not check before making a turn.

The motorcyclist will also need to show that his injuries were caused by the defendant. This can be shown, for example, if the motorcyclist is hit by the defendant’s car, falls off his motorcycle, and breaks his leg.

The motorcyclist also needs to show that he was injured or suffered some damages as a result of the accident. Without an injury or damages, the motorcyclist will not be able to recover anything. This is true even if the defendant did act carelessly and negligently.

It is important to know that the defendant, as a defense, could raise the fact that the motorcyclist did something that contributed to the accident. If this is proven, it could limit the amount that the motorcyclist can recover for his damages.

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