Injuries Caused by Public Transportation

by David Peel on January 23, 2014

Injuries Caused by Public TransportationMunicipalities that offer public transportation have a duty to make sure that the transportation is safe. When a municipality does not do this, it may be liable for injuries caused by the transportation.

Public transportation includes buses and subway systems. It also includes school buses and other types of transportation provided for public use.

Municipalities have a duty to make sure that they hire qualified drivers to operate the public transportation. This means that they should check the driving records for each person they hire. Also, they should make sure that each driver has a license to operate the vehicles. If a municipality does not make sure they hire qualified drivers and a person is injured, the municipality may be liable for the injuries.

They also have a duty to maintain the equipment as well as the vehicles themselves. This means that the municipality should make sure that brakes and lights work. They should also make sure that the vehicles remain in good, safe condition. If the municipality fails to maintain the equipment and vehicles and a person is injured as a result, the municipality will likely be liable for the injuries.

And, they have a duty to follow laws that apply to mass transit carriers. Not only do the municipalities need to follow state laws, they also need to follow any federal laws that apply. If these laws are not followed and someone is injured, the municipality may be liable for injuries that result.

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