What if I am Injured by a Mechanic’s Negligence?

by David Peel on November 22, 2013

What if I am Injured by a Mechanic's Negligence?Everyone has brought his car to a mechanic at some point. When a car owner brings his car to a mechanic, he expects the mechanic to have the skills required to fix the car properly. However, it is important to understand what happens if a mechanic acts negligently when repairing a customer’s car.

Mechanics are supposed to make repairs carefully and with the ordinary skill of other mechanics. This means that mechanics should not repair a car in a way that they reasonably believe could be dangerous to the car owner or someone else. However, when the mechanic is repairing brakes or wheels, for example, he is held to a higher standard.

Sometimes, mechanics do not make repairs the way other mechanics would have. This can be because the mechanic replaced a car part with the wrong part. Or, it could be a mistake on the mechanic’s part that could have been fixed had the mechanic realized it.

However, in order to recover damages from the mechanic, the driver needs to prove that the mechanic was negligent. The car owner should take pictures of the vehicle after the accident. This may help prove that the accident was caused by the mechanic.

If the driver has suffered physical injuries, he should seek medical attention. If the mechanic was found to be negligent, he may be liable for the driver’s injuries. However, those injuries will need to be documented in order to show that they are the result of the accident.

It is important to know that if the mechanic made a mistake when fixing a car, he can offer to fix the problem if no damage or accident has already occurred. If the car owner refuses to have to repairs done after knowing of the mistake, the car owner may be accepting responsibility for any damage or accident that may happen in the future as a result of the negligent repairs.

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