Grieving for Lost Loved Ones Because of Another Person’s Negligence

by David Peel on February 26, 2014

Grieving for Lost Loved Ones Because of Another Person's NegligenceLosing a loved one is one of the most painful things that we have to go through. Now, imagine that on top of all of that pain, you find out that your mother’s body may be lost forever due to poor record keeping and carelessness. That is exactly what happened to one family last month.

Families affected by this incident showed up to visit the graves of their loved ones only to find that the cemetery was blocked off with tape. It’s hard to imagine the emotions that these families are feeling and it is heartbreaking to hear that so many families’ loved one’s remains may be lost. Many are expected to sue the owner of the cemetery for emotional suffering and distress.

The families are now faced with the knowledge that the caskets that once so lovingly held their loved ones were stacked on top of each other in single graves allegedly because there was no more space in the cemetery.

Cemeteries owe it to families to bury loved one’s bodies as agreed, and in a way that family members could easily go and visit. However, instead, it is alleged that the cemetery buried these bodies wherever it wanted. Families are claiming that they are now unable to find their loved ones. More will be learned when some families sue the cemetery.

For now, the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has petitioned to take over the cemetery. The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance oversees funeral homes and cemeteries. Since this Department is in charge of overseeing cemeteries, it is possible that the families will bring lawsuits against the Department as well. However, in some of these situations, governmental agencies are immune from lawsuit.

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