What if I get Food Poisoning?

by David Peel on November 21, 2013

What if I get Food Poisoning?If you have gotten food poisoning and had to pay medical bills because if it, you may be wondering if you can sue to recover the money you had to spend on those bills. While proving where the food poisoning can from can be difficult, it is not always impossible. It is important to understand that lawsuits can be brought under the theories of strict product liability or negligence. It is also important to understand who you may bring these causes of action against.

To bring a cause of action under strict product liability, you have to prove that the food you consumed was contaminated in some way. Then, you have to prove that the contamination is what made you sick. This means that you do not have to prove when the food was contaminated. You just need to prove that it was contaminated at some point.

To bring a cause of action under negligence, you would argue that the defendants acted negligently. In other words, you would need to prove that the defendants did not act reasonably in making or distributing the food that made you sick.

When filing the lawsuit, you should include anyone who was involved in the distribution of the contaminated food. This could include farmers, the people who canned the food, or grocery stores. If you were eating at a restaurant, you should also include anyone who was involved in the preparation of your food. This could include the restaurant and chefs.

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