Employer Liability for Employee’s Car Accidents

by David Peel on December 21, 2013

Employer Liability for Employee's Car AccidentsWhen an employee who is driving a vehicle for work either to perform his work duties or to do something for his employer is involved in a car accident, the employer may be liable. Employers may be liable because they were negligent or because they were negligent with supervising the employee. Or, sometimes, an employer is liable because of vicarious liability.

When an employer knows that an employee will be using a company vehicle, the employer has a duty to make sure that the employee being hired is a safe driver. The employer needs to exercise reasonable care by looking at the potential employee’s driving record and making sure the potential employee has a driver’s license. Employers could take more steps if they want to, but it is not always necessary. If the employer did not at least exercise reasonable care in hiring the employee, it may be liable for the employee’s accident.

Employers may also be liable because of negligent supervision of employees. An employer needs to have reasonable safety policies and it needs to make sure that all employees driving company vehicles will comply with those rules. If the employer does not do this, it may be liable for the employee’s car accident.

And, employers may sometimes be liable through vicarious liability. This means that the employer tells an employee to do something that benefits the employer, and the employee is in a car accident while in the process of doing what the employer asked, the employer may be liable for the employee’s car accident.

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