Should a Christian sue for Birth Defects?

by David Peel on January 28, 2014

Should a Christian sue for Birth Defects?Children born with birth defects can put a strain on a family financially. Especially if those birth defects are the results of medical malpractice. Christians are told in Matthew 18:15-17 to resolve their issues peacefully. Christians are also told in Matthew 7:12 to do to others what they would have done to them.

Christians could try mediation in order to reach a settlement that would provide money for the cost of raising a child with the birth defects. This may be a good option for a Christian who does not want to sue for the birth defects but still feels like she has been harmed by the other person’s conduct. Mediation sometimes allows parties to resolve their issues peacefully because it promotes a better relationship between the parties by bringing both sides together to meet in the middle. This could allow the parent of the child with birth defects to reach an agreement with the doctor who caused the birth defects. This settlement could provide the parent with enough money to help her raise the child and pay any expenses that occur as a result of the birth defect.

However, sometimes mediation is not an option or it does not provide the desired result. In this case, a parent may wish to sue a doctor for medical malpractice to recover damages for a child’s birth defects. Christians should be able to bring a lawsuit as long as they remember to be kind and respectful. It is important that Christians who are bringing lawsuits to recover for birth defects remember to treat the other party the way he would want to be treated. Christians who remember Matthew 18:15-17 and Matthew 7:12 should be able to bring a lawsuit to recover for damages while still remaining good Christians.

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