Business Liability for Injuries due to Construction

by David Peel on January 30, 2014

Business Liability for Injuries due to ConstructionBusinesses owe people who are on their property a very high duty of care. This is especially true when there is a dangerous condition on the property. Because of this, it is important to know when a business is liable for injuries to people on the property during times of construction.

Businesses are liable to people who are on the property with the permission of the property owner. So, a customer who is shopping in a grocery store, for example, is on the property with the permission of the property owner. Because businesses allow people onto their property for the mutual benefit of both parties, the customer and the business, the business owner needs to warn the customers of all dangers and keep the property safe for customers.

When a business is undergoing construction, the property owner has a duty to warn the customers of all dangers. This could include placing gates and warning signs around the construction area. This should get the customer’s attention and keep them away from the dangerous construction area. Businesses should also consider placing signs on places other than a gate. For example, a sign when the customer first enters the store.

Businesses also have a duty to keep the property safe for customers. Again, this could mean blocking off the construction area with a gate. It could also mean placing barriers even before the gate so that the customer is kept back even farther. Because keeping the property safe is a must, businesses cannot help having to do construction with customer’s present.

When businesses fail to warn the customers about dangers on the premises, a customer may be able to bring a cause of action against the business. In order to do this, a customer would have to prove negligence, which means the customer has to prove that the business acted negligently and caused injury to the customer. If a customer can prove this, he will likely be able to recover for his injuries.

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