Bicycle Accidents Caused by Road Hazards

by David Peel on November 29, 2013

Bicycle Accidents Caused by Road HazardsWhen a bicyclist is riding on the road, there can be hazards that cannot be avoided. These hazards can lead to injuries to the bicyclist. Because of this, it is important to understand what hazards that cause accidents may allow a bicyclist to recover money for injuries.

One type of hazard for bicyclists is potholes. For injuries that occur because of potholes, it is important to look for negligence. In order to decide if there is negligence, a court may consider how long the pothole had been there. If the pothole had only been present for a few days, for example, the court may not be likely to find negligence. But, if the pothole had been present for several months, it is possible that the bicyclist may be able to recover for his injuries. Courts may also consider whether or not there had been other accidents in the same spot because of the pothole.

Another type of hazard for bicyclists are sewer grates. Depending on the sewer grates on the roads, bicycle tires can sometimes get wedged into the grates. This could cause the bicyclist to fall off his bike, get struck by something else on the road, or suffer some other injury.

When injured in an accident caused by a sewer grate, the bicyclist may argue that he has a right to travel on safe roads and that the sewer grate was an unexpected hazard. However, this argument may not always be the best argument possible to use depending on the circumstances. The bicyclist may also be able to raise the argument that there are inexpensive ways to fix the problem.

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