Does the Bible say a Christian Should not Sue?

by David Peel on February 1, 2014

Does the Bible say a Christian Should not Sue?When a Christian has a dispute with another person, it may cause him to wonder whether or not the Bible says a Christian should not sue. When deciding what the Bible says and applying it to legal problems, it is important to look at Matthew 18:15-17. It is also important to look at Mark 12:28-31 and Matthew 7:12.

Matthew 18:15-17 says that people should try to resolve their issues peacefully. It does not say that you cannot seek legal aid when dealing with a problem. Instead, a Christian may want to look into a form of alternative dispute resolution. This could mean trying negotiation or mediation to resolve the problem. Alternative dispute resolution options allow a Christian to attempt to preserve the relationship with the person he is having a problem with. As long as the legal problem is solved in a peaceful manner, there is nothing in Matthew 18:15-17 which would suggest that a Christian should not sue.

Mark 12:18-31 tells Christians to be respectful and to be kind to all other people. It also tells Christians that they should try to stay free of all anger and resentment. However, this does not mean that a Christian should not sue when it is necessary. As mentioned previously, there are other alternatives to a messy trial. Christians can try negotiation or mediation, which would allow the parties to remain civil and respectful. It may also make it easier for the parties to fight feelings of anger and resentment because the parties work together to meet in the middle.

Matthew 7:12 tells Christians to do to others what they would have done to them. So, as long as the person is respectful and kind to the other party, the Bible would not say that a Christian cannot sue.

The Bible reminds people to be good Christians and it reminds people how to be a good Christian. However, it does not state a person should not use the legal process to solve legal problems.

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